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Online Reviews are Essential to Your Hospitality Business


People in hospitality know just how important online reviews are to their business. Your guests need recommendations on where to stay and how to get around. Become the obvious choice the next time your guest is looking to travel, and know the value of reviews to your business. How does you business look online?

Reviews Build Trust


Before traveling your guest wants to know that you’ll take care of them. Trust is built around how others talk about the services you provide. Great feedback comes from real people who are telling others they can trust you too! Prove to your customers that you’re a great business by having great online feedback.

Image by Austin Distel

1ST PAGE Integrates Directly With Your Business


1st Page is not a one-size fits all solution. We fit into your daily routine by connecting to your existing accounting and invoicing software, and we take care of the rest. 1st Page automates review generation to take one more thing off of your plate, and let you focus on serving your customers.

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