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Never Miss a Lead Again

Lead Central manages your leads in real-time. Communicate with pre-screened, qualified leads every step of the way to never miss out on business again!

Real-Time Communication

Our real-time messaging capabilities allow your team to communicate with leads from one place. Convert browsers into buyers with ease. Always be available to chat on your contact’s preferred platform, whether it’s email or text. Focus on building better customer relationships, we’ll take care of the rest.

Multi-User on Mobile & Desktop

Whether a team member works on-the-go or at a desk, everyone can engage with new leads from the 1st Page App. Chat with your leads in real time from mobile or desktop, or both! Your employees can share one inbox so a team member can pick up a conversations where another one left off. If you’re busy pulling up to your next job, pass off the conversation to a colleague who can continue the chat from back at the office!

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