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Engage with Your Contacts


Our Mobile App enables you to chat with your customers and prospects, manage your contact list, and respond to reviews. Your whole team can use 1st Page Mobile App from their iPhone or Android device.


Real-time messaging allows your team to communicate with customers and leads all from one place. Always be available for your contacts and chat with them seamlessly on their preferred platform – email or text. When a new conversation is initiated on your website, Google, or Facebook, you can immediately engage. Build stronger relationships with our centralized Mobile App for iPhone and Android devices.

Contact List

Centralize all of your contact information and conversations. Whether a new message comes from a customer review, a lead inquiry from Web Chat, or an existing contact, your unified contact list helps your team manage everything from one place. Manage your day-to-day communication with ease and be more accessible for your contacts, no matter what stage they are in the life cycle.


Reporting and Insights

Gain actionable insights and monitor growth using your App features: 

  • Reviews and feedback: View reviews and private feedback on each platform. Reply to any feedback directly from your App. 

  • Activity history: Gauge customer sentiment 

  • Multi-Location Dashboard: Track progress by location over time

  • Team ScoreCard: Track and understand customer interactions by team member. Identify trends to reward exemplary employee performance

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